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MEDESA s.r.o. (Ltd.) is the Czech trading company founded in 1995 with a headquarters in Polička (geographical centre of the Czech Republic). In its activities MEDESA focuses on quality, reliable, developed up-to-date laboratory diagnostics equipment including high comfort for users – by perfect and quick support of the supply of consumables and by providing high-quality service and application assistance of the supplied products.

Our clients are mainly clinical laboratories in healthcare and also science, research or industrial laboratories.

We cooperate with leading Czech and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.


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1995 Company establishment with headquarters in Polička.
1997 MEDESA is gradually growing to 10 employees, centres for business, service and application support are Polička, Říčany near Prague and Komorní Lhotka near Frýdek – Místek.
1998-2003 MEDESA is consolidating, growing very rapidly and fully represents portfolio of products and key pillars of business to its clients and at the end of the period MEDESA has a turnover approx. 180 mil. CZK.
2004 Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate; a new information system; Czech Republic´s accession to the EU.
2005 MEDESA moves to its own modern headquarters in the industrial zone in Polička and the branch moves from Komorní Lhotka directly to Frýdek – Místek. During previous years MEDESA gradually grew to 35 employees and annual turnover increased to 250 mil. CZK.
2006 – 2007 Gradual integration of new products and increasing sales productivity and services. MEDESA ranks 3. – 5. place in the TOP companies supplying equipment for laboratories in Czech Republic. Also turnover continues to grow to 320 mil. CZK and MEDESA reinforces the technical and economic background and human resources (around 40 employees). On 30. 06. 2007 ends the distribution of BAYER Diagnostics products due to the sale of this main partner to the SIEMENS holding, thereby MEDESA loses the opportunity to be the supplier of the best medical laboratories.
2007- 2008 MEDESA s. r. o. (Ltd.) together with Eppendorf AG (Hamburg) company establishes a joint venture company Eppendorf Czech & Slovakia s.r.o. (Ltd.) (hereinafter „ECS“) to which MEDESA converts an experienced team of professionals and very well established sales of Eppendorf products while still remains the partner of ECS company for technical service, logistics and administration as well as distributor of Eppendorf products into the clinical laboratories.
Establishment of subsidiary company MEDESA SK s. r. o. (Ltd.) based in Bratislava.
The beginning of the global economic crisis, crisis in health care financing.
2008 – 2011 MEDESA seeks and founds new partners – suppliers of technologies, overcomes the crisis, continues to develop itself and built its position on the market as the complex supplier of technology and services to medium and small laboratories and places on the market fully-automated systems.
Annual turnover of MEDESA group* is 170 – 190 mil. CZK.
*MEDESA group = MEDESA s. r. o. (Ltd.) + share of MEDESA SK s. r. o. (Ltd.) and ECS
2012 – 2014 Expansion of product portfolio – special and new technologies such as diabetes monitoring, quick immunoassays for acute medicine, technologies and automation in histology, PCR based solution, automation of the operation of the sample collection work places, sport laboratories, etc.
Annual turnover of MEDESA group is 220 mil. CZK.



MEDESA s. r. o. (Ltd.) started with 7 employees in 1995, currently employs around 45 employees.

Following table and graph shows development of company turnover in past years:

Year 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
Sales [mil. CZK] 18 33 53 86 150 175


Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Sales [mil. CZK] 188 250 258 300 301 304


Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Sales *) [mil. CZK] 172 190 190 192 190 198 220

*) Sales of MEDESA group (= MEDESA s. r. o. (Ltd.) + share of MEDESA SK s. r. o. (Ltd.) Eppendorf Czech & Slovakia s. r. o. (Ltd.))



„Because of twenty years of consistent business policy, built predominantly on the activity, resilience, reliability, credibility and openness we enjoy high trust of our clients and suppliers. Also because of this we are still holding on the market as one of the leading suppliers of complex equipment and services in the field of laboratory diagnostics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We achieve this primarily with our high work commitment, great organization, and maximum utilization of human and production potential of the Czech Republic. Our intention is to build and actively and continually improve our companies so that the quality of our services will reach the level of the best European companies.

Our company policy is to work in a way that the services we provide to our customers correspond with their needs and wishes and are in perfect quality-price ratio and have unique added value.“

Otakar Klepárník


especially with these major partners:




  • meet the requirements and wishes of our clients to their maximum satisfaction
    - the client and his/her satisfaction is always in the first place
    - the client meets the versatile willingness and help from our staff
    - basic rule of our employees is a positive attitude, high professionalism and expertise, seriousness and reliability
  • provide quality and reliable products and services
    - correctly, transparently, flexibly and clearly – “tailored” to client´s needs
  • be innovative and constantly expand with the maximum quality and quantity of offered services and thus ensure long-term perspective of the organization
  • be for our clients a stable and long-term partner on whose services clients can always rely on
  • be responsible and representative partner of our suppliers and manufacturers
  • reinforce the tradition and reputation of our company
  • support the economic development of our region, support people in need
  • create favourable working conditions for our employees to make them happy, so they would help each other and thus strengthen “team spirit” leading to the realization of the vision and goals of the company


  • satisfied customers who use our quality services
  • satisfied employees with healthy working conditions
  • satisfied manufacturers and suppliers and business partners
  • economic stability, strength and to creation of a reasonable profit


For example the following:

  • non-profit organizations providing care to children
  • non-profit organizations providing palliative care
  • charities
  • children´s homes and schools
  • children’s interest organizations and their activities
  • regional sports clubs